Radio Communications in Road Tunnels

Radiocommunications in Road tunnels


To avoid human disasters

Road tunnels are one of the most dangerous confined spaces that thousands of people pass through every day. In case of accidents, the probability of human disaster is extremely high : multiple crashes, fire or smoke can kill. The tragedy of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, France, in 1999 is one of the worst example with 39 deaths.

Reliable critical communications

In case of intervention, emergency services as Police, Fire Brigades, Ambulances, need a robust and reliable radio coverage system to communicate inside road tunnels.

Alerting the drivers through the radio channels

Fire and multiple accidents are an immediate danger for people inside cars. An adequate alert system through the car radio can deliver them instructions needed to save their own lives.

Reliable operating communications

During maintenance and services operations, tunnel operators need an efficient private communication network to work without disturbing road traffic.

Safe towing

In case of accident, tow trucks can pull cars out of tunnels to quickly evacuate vehicles and its occupants.


Solutions for smart tunnels

As new technologies are implemented in road tunnels to make them smarter, sensors and probes retrieve parameters such as traffic, velocity, pollution and noise. Wireless devices can communicate on Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Fully integrated solution

For each tunnel, SEE TELECOM offers tailored engineering deployments to retransmit all requested radio services. RF signals are picked up, multiplexed, and converted into optical signals in the master station. Signals are then distributed by optical fibre down to slave stations. Finally they are converted back into RF, amplified and multiplexed. Slave stations feed antennas made of single leaky feeders that cover the bores, as well as spots in technical rooms, emergency ways and safety rooms.


Emergency messages insertion

In case of danger in a tunnel, car drivers have to be warned immediately. Because 2-way radio systems are dedicated to emergency and official organizations, the most efficient solution is to use the car radio, used by more than 99% of drivers. During normal operation, the SEE TELECOM system rebroadcasts AM, FM and DAB channels inside tunnels for the comfort of car drivers. When an emergency occurs, a vocal and text message instantaneously and automatically replaces the usual radio signal. It can be listened to on any car loudspeakers, and read on any RDS display. This message can be multi-lingual, pre-recorded or live, and distributed through bores or zones.

Services without limits

Thanks to our digital broadband technology, all 1- and 2-way radio networks can be rebroadcasted:

  • AM, FM, DAB
  • VHF simplex, duplex
  • DMR, DMR Tier 3, eDMR, MPT1327
  • UHF simplex, EDACS
  • P25, LTE
  • Internet of Things (IoT), WIFI
  • Etc…

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