Radio Communications in Metros

To avoid human disasters

Metros are one of the most dangerous confined spaces that thousands of  people pass through every day. In case of crash and terrorist attacks, the probability of human disaster is extremely high

Reliable critical communications

In case of intervention, Fire Brigades, Ambulances, Police, and Army, need a robust and reliable radio coverage system to communicate inside tunnels and underground stations with the same efficiency as outside.

Reliable operating communications

During maintenance and services operations, metro operators need an efficient private communication network to work quickly and safely to reduce traffic interruption.

Ground-train communications

Driverless metros require full continuity and reliability of ground-train radio network to manage traffic, incidents, emergency calls of travellers.


Solutions for connectivity

Because travellers claim to be connected, WIFI and Cell Telephony are required in addition to safety and operating networks.

Solutions for smart metros

As new technologies are implemented in metros to make them smarter, sensors and probes retrieve parameters such as air quality, flood, human presence, etc… These wireless devices can communicate on the Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Fully integrated solution

For each metro, SEE TELECOM propose customized engineering to retransmit all the requested radio networks. RF signals are picked up, multiplexed, and converted into optical signals in the master station. The signals are then distributed by optical fibre down to the slave stations, which they are converted back into RF, amplified and multiplexed. The slave stations are connected to the radiating part, composed of a single leaky feeder that covers the complete length of the tubes, and some antennas in stations, technical rooms, emergency ways and safety rooms.

Optimized radio coverage

SEE TELECOM’s Architecture Team designs radio coverage system with its large knowledge and experience, combined with the latest modern technology as iBwave® software to optimize engineering and cost-efficiency.

Long operational availability

SEE TELECOM can provide repairs and spare, equivalent, or new fully compatible parts, to guarantee continuity of services during at least 15 years. Along this lifecycle, innovations can be incorporated at the rhythm of the needs.

User-friendly monitoring software

SEE TELECOM has developed useful monitoring tools to be placed in the control room of the tunnel :

All connections are full IP with a 1 Gbit Ethernet network on the optical fibre between master, slaves and probes. The monitoring can know in real time the status of each part and leaky feeder.