RF Connectors

RF Connectors exist in many kinds and varieties. See Telecom is specialized in RF Connectors for coaxial cables used in CATV and Mobile Networks. Although the applications are different, core technologies and concepts of the See Telecom products are the same. Most of our connectors have patented designs that give them unique technical specifications bringing the customer exceptional benefits. Installation and maintenance costs are key in any telecommunications network and it is where our connectors have the biggest differentiation with the competition.

RF Connectors

As from the moment that See Telecom started the development of RF Connectors, millions of them have been sold all over the world. This is a strong sign of trust that our customers have given to our products. See Telecom has built its competence around RF connectors for coaxial cables used in CATV (75 Ohm) and Mobile Networks (50 Ohm) and several concepts of our technology are patented.

The connectors and accessories for Mobile Networks are marketed, sold and distributed through Kabelwerk Eupen.

During the deployment and maintenance of a telecommunications network, no delay in the supply chain can be permitted. Our flexible attitude towards our customers leads to a continuous optimisation of our logistics, delivering our connector products at the right place, at the right time. See Telecom has proved to be a very dependable supplier to our customers.

By listening to the needs of our customers and using our expertise, our connectors have evolved into high quality products which meet the requirements of modern triple play networks. The SEElastic ® Spring Contact Technology is the only sustainable solution to prevent CPD (Common Path Distortion) in your CATV network.

Our “continuous improvement” attitude has lead to an ISO 9001 certification since 1997. More recent evolutions in industry and society have put the attention to the environment we live in. Since the introduction of RoHS in 2006, See Telecom fulfils all requirements. The future evolution concerning environmental issues is followed continuously and ISO 14001 is under investigation.

SEElastic ® Spring Connector Technology

In the early days, CATV meant not much more than distribution of a dozen TV channels to individual households. How times have changed! The classical wall plug has become triple play supporting applications like interactive television, telephony and internet. These functions can only exist thanks to bi-directional communication.

Why every CATV operator should use the SEElastic ® Connector Technology.


  • Connectors in a CATV network cause 80% of all the network failures.
  • Connectors in a CATV network represent less than 4% of the network cost.

CPD (Common Path Distortion)

  • Intermodulation products from the Downstream are visible in the Upstream.
  • This phenomenon is known since the upgrade with the return path.
  • Connectors and Splices are the prime contributors to the creation of CPD.

CuBe (Copper Berrilium) Springcontact

  • Several research institutes conclude that a spring contact is the only contact which can resist to vibrations as well as to high temperature variations.
  • A spring contact maintains a constant contact quality over an extended period of time.
  • An elastic contact is the only solution to prevent CPD in your CATV network.
  • The CuBe spring contacts used in the SEElastic connectors meet the ISO 14001 standard. All materials used are 100% environment-friendly.

Every See connector inner conductor has a SEElastic spring contact.