AM, FM, DAB Repeaters & Emergency Message Insertion

AM, FM, DAB Repeaters
Emergency Message Insertion (BICE)

master FM digital signal processing block


The FM & emergency message insertion digital signal processing (FMBICE) is part of See Telecom’s MultiRACS to enhance radio coverage in confined areas. Confined areas are infrastructures such as road tunnels and buildings.
FMBICE has two roles. Its first aim is to broadcast FM radio inside the infrastructure so that users are able to listen to their favorite FM station. Its second role is to deliver an emergency FM and RDS radio message to the users radio, as illustrated on the graph above.
The FMBICE high-level block diagram is shown in the figure below. In normal conditions, the FM radio signals are collected by an FM antenna, digitally filtered, equalized in power, and then transmitted to the tunnel through the various remote slave stations of the MultiRACS solution.
In case of event, the infrastructure operator chooses to send an emergency FM radio message to the part of the infrastructure concerned by the event. The message can either be a live message, or a pre-recorded message. The broadcasted message can be listened back to by the operator to make sure the delivered message is the right one. Various broadcasting profiles are available.


  • AM, FM & DAB broadcasting
  • Emergency FM & RDS radio message insertion in confined areas

Key Features

  • Scalable & redundant solution
  • Emergency message insertion in specific zones of the infrastructure
  • Live or pre-recorded message
  • Various broadcasting profiles
  • Multi-language messages
  • Digital processing
  • AGC & squelch (automuting)
  • Remote monitoring & control via SNMP


  • GUI to allow an operator to monitor the emergency message insertion
  • Easy installation
  • Easy monitoring of all elements of solution

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