Alarm Monitoring Console

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See Telecom’s Alarm Monitoring ConsolE (AMCE) application is the next generation of See Telecom network monitoring software. The AMCE allows network administrators to monitor See Telecom’s MultiRACS 24/7, thanks to the implemented automatic control algorithms. Operators are thus able to check the integrity of the See Telecom’s radio coverage systems implemented on site. Immediate corrective actions can be taken automatically in case bottlenecks or system failures are detected. Performance and flexibility of the AMCE provide customers with a solution that can grow and adapt with the size of the infrastructure that is being monitored.

An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides enhanced ability to monitor and manage radio systems, helping network administrators to reduce downtime of network devices, to detect, isolate, and correct network problems, to monitor data and record log information for analysis and corrective actions. Various visualizations are available, such as the location view shown below.

The application is based on a client-server architecture. The AMCE server allows operators to perform fault management, configuration management, and security management from any location. The client-server technology allows high  erformance and scalability.

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  • Monitoring of See Telecom’s radio coverage solutions for confined areas.


Key Features

  • 24/7 System monitoring
  • Multi-site monitoring
  • Scalable to infrastructure
  • Alarm synthesis
  • Log information
  • OPC DA/UA access
  • Multi-client
  • Server redundancy



  • Alarms synthesis of complex systems
  • Automatic decisions to guarantee level of service
  • Access to Scada
  • Remote access to server
  • Easy installation

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