Products for radio communication in confined areas


SEE Telecom Repeater AM, FM, VHF, UHF, DMR, DMR Tier 3, TETRA, TETRAPOL
Our RF-communication products for professional communication can be divided into two categories:

  • tunnel systems with rack mounted modules
  • wall mounted repeaters

Most tunnel systems employ rack mounted modules to build multi service systems. The systems consist of one or more masters and several slaves. Modules can be selected and configured according to the tunnel’s specific requirements.

Our band-selective repeaters optimise wireless communication systems for professional deployment in tunnels and buildings. We supply the emergency services, operators of metros, trains, roads, airports, harbours and private businesses who need communication systems with 100% reliability and good coverage. Our repeaters are recognized for their excellent RF coverage and reliable communication.

We build repeaters for TETRA, Tetrapol, UHF and VHF. All our repeaters have been designed using a common platform and digital filtering. Depending on the application off-air, fibre fed and in line repeaters can be selected and brought together in a system extending terrestrial coverage into black spots.

All our products have both remote and local maintenance options provided via Ethernet and fully implemented SNMP.