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About the Project

Koning & Hartman bv received the order from Westerschelde Maintenance vof, and selected SEE Telecom sprl for supply of a turnkey system to renew the radio coverage of the Westerscheldetunnel, a 6.6-kilometre (4.1 mi) tunnel in the Netherlands that carries highway N62 under the Western Schelde estuary between Ellewoutsdijk and Terneuzen. It is the longest tunnel for highway traffic in The Netherlands.

SEE Telecom provided radio engineering, manufacturing, setting, factory acceptance test and the commissioning and Koning & Hartman was in charge of integration, installation and will ensure the maintenance.

Thanks to SEE Telecom’s system and Koning & Hartman’s field experience, the tunnel is totally safe with C2000 (TETRA national dutch public safety network), DMR UHF for operation services and FM-DAB break-in for the emergency messages insertion in case of incident.

About SEE Telecom sprl : SEE Telecom is a world leader in the provision of scalable, flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective systems for multi-services radio coverage inside confined areas. Since 1972, SEE Telecom has equipped more than 500 tunnels, metros, airports, large buildings and mines in all over the world. SEE Telecom solutions are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.

About Koning & Hartman bv : Koning & Hartman is a unique technology company for telecom, industry and infrastructure. You might not see us that often, but the past week you have come into contact with us five times already. We advise, design, supply, implement, and provide maintenance and management. Technology is in our blood and we are proud of what we, as a company, achieve.

About Westerschelde Maintenance vof : Since the 13th March 2013, Croonwolter&dros, Mobilis and BAM are joined in the company Westerschelde Maintenance, dedicated to the maintenance of the Westerscheldetunnel.

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Client : N.V. Westerscheldetunnel

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