Radio communications in confined areas


Different authorities and countries have differing demands, procedures and legacy networks. Our modular approach enables us to act with maximum flexibility to tailor individual solutions. Our experience means we can quickly understand the challenges, pinpoint weaknesses in the network and deliver an efficient communication system.

Many networks consist of public safety systems combined with maintenance/operational systems. Very often these are terrestrial, country-wide networks that have to be extended into tunnels, metros and buildings. Using our proprietary modules we are able to provide total solutions using TETRA, Tetrapol, UHF and VHF. We can also combine these technologies and add FM, AM and DAB broadcasting.

AM, FM and DAB broadcasting can be equipped with speech break-in for both live and recorded messages

Levels of built-in redundancy can be set according to the local requirements. All our systems have been designed for automated installation with minimum proprietary software for remote monitoring and control. Our communication platform uses fully implemented SNMP and Ethernet and can be easily integrated within SCADA.