Our Vision

Our vision

Our vision is to become a global Belgian leader in radiofrequency systems within the next 10 years.

At SEE Telecom, we have been working closely with telecom operators since 1972. We were among the first to use copper coaxial cables when most other suppliers were still using coaxial aluminium. We launched a new connector range for GSM networks back in 1991 and we were an early adopter of WDM platforms for wireless communications. In other words, we know from practice that the only constant in the telecommunications industry… is constant change.

Working at the forefront of new generations of technologies for over thirty years, we have developed the experience and the insight to pursue a unique customer intimacy policy that distinguishes us from our competitors. We are dedicated to understanding our customers and are more than happy to collaborate with them to solve their problems. We fully recognize our own limits, and seek out enhancing partnerships at every stage in our value chain, when this makes the best sense.

At the same time, we avoid forcing new technology on customers simply because “it is there.” We take care to deliver real solutions that are designed to simplify and optimize life for our customers. Merely throwing products at customers has never been our policy.

We focus our energies on our core expertise in radio frequency and optics. This has allowed us to gradually broaden and deepen our product portfolio through partnerships, so that today we can offer complete end-to-end solutions and services.