SEE Telecom is a best-in-class supplier of innovative technologies and solutions for communications providers around the globe.

Using our technically-advanced Radio Frequency and Fiber Optic technologies :

  • Confined areas such road tunnels, railway tunnels, metros, large buildings, offshore platforms, offshore wind turbines, large vessels can be equipped with a radio communication system to enhance the radio coverage of public safety, technical maintenance and IoT (Internet of Things) networks;
  • Mobile operators, fixed and cable networks can deliver leading-edge services. These range from LTE, UMTS, xDSL, and VoIP telephony, through digital video and HDTV, to video and audio streaming and video-on-demand (VOD);

Founded in 1972, See Telecom is privately owned and headquartered in Baulers, Belgium, and employs 75 engineers, technicians and workers.


Our History


SEE Telecom was founded with the objective of providing specifically designed connectors for the copper coaxial cables based networks in Belgium. In 1972, at the start of cable TV, most of other cable TV networks were using coaxial aluminium cables.


SEE Telecom starts supplying cable operators with RF and Optical equipment and increases its investments in the latest RF technologies.


SEE Telecom starts a complete connector range for the first GSM networks.


SEE Telecom starts the SWS (See Wireless Systems) business line and accumulates successful projects since then.


SEE Telecom partners with Ekinops (Lannion, France) to launch a 10GBps WDM platform.


SEE Telecom partners with Vector (Gdynia, Poland) to broaden its product portfolio and offer complete end-to-end solutions and services.


SEE Telecom’s DTA (Digital Tuneable Amplifier) revolutionizes the radio enhancement system with a single board to process all types of modulation from 40 MHz to 1 GHZ in a 10 MHz bandwidth.


SEE Telecom’s SDR8 is the latest evolution of DTA family to keep the technologicala advance in radio enhancement system. From now, a single board can process all types of modulation from 40 MHz to 1 GHZ in a 10 MHz bandwidth, with 8 independant processing channels by slot.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect people to life:

  • Safety: In tunnels, buildings, mines, and all confined spaces, enabling people to be alerted in real time of danger, to stay in touch with the outside, and enabling the emergency services to intervene efficiently and safely to save lives and prevent disasters.
  • Productivity and Entertainment: In the office, at home, enabling people to access the Internet and digital TV using powerful high-speed telecommunications networks in coaxial cables and optical fibers.
  • Connectivity: In the laboratory, hospital, library, enabling people to access to all connected objects and connected sensors through the Internet of Things (IoT).

We provide our partners and customers with unique solutions for their special telecom requirements, helping them minimize their total cost of ownership. Our solutions draw on the most recent, most flexible above all most appropriate technologies.

“Connecting to Life”

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world leader in radio frequency systems within 2025.

At SEE Telecom, we have been working closely with telecom operators since 1972. We were among the first to use copper coaxial cables when most other suppliers were still using coaxial aluminium. We launched a new connector range for GSM networks back in 1991 and we were an early adopter of WDM platforms for wireless communications. In other words, we know from practice that the only constant in the telecommunications industry… is constant change.

Working at the forefront of new generations of technologies for over thirty years, we have developed the experience and the insight to pursue a unique customer intimacy policy that distinguishes us from our competitors. We are dedicated to understanding our customers and are more than happy to collaborate with them to solve their problems. We fully recognize our own limits, and seek out enhancing partnerships at every stage in our value chain, when this makes the best sense.

At the same time, we avoid forcing new technology on customers simply because “it is there.” We take care to deliver real solutions that are designed to simplify and optimize life for our customers. Merely throwing products at customers has never been our policy.

We focus our energies on our core expertise in radio frequency and optics. This has allowed us to gradually broaden and deepen our product portfolio through partnerships, so that today we can offer complete end-to-end solutions and services.

Our Key Values

See’s success is built on fostering strong human relationships between employees and outside stakeholders.

These relationships are the driving force that enables the Company to accomplish its mission.

  • By earning the trust of our customers and partners, we guarantee our success.
  • By cultivating technical expertise, we can deliver the very highest quality service.
  • By being flexible we can meet the fast changing and competitive markets that our customer face.
  • By assuring reliable service performance and dependable deliveries, we can ensure the success of our customers’ projects.

And by committing to sustainable business development, we can create value for everyone.

Our Memberships

SEE Telecom collaborates actively with Technological Clusters, Universities and Professional Associations to develop its very ambitious R&D policy.

We really want to invent the new radio networks of tomorrow by anticipating the future needs in many domains where the critical and secured wireless communications will be mandatory.

SEE Telecom welcomes each year some students in training periods from the best Engineering Schools in Europe, and has specific agreements with some in Belgium and France.

Our Certifications


Quality is one of the main priority of SEE Telecom, and each member of the company is aware to follow strictly the processes that are existing for all tasks.

The Quality Management is composed of a quality technician, a pilot in each service, and finally controlled by the CEO.

Thanks to these rules, SEE Telecom can offer to its customer a target of 100% quality for services, products and systems.


SEE Telecom supports the ten principles of the Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. With this communication, we express our intent to implement those principles. We are committed to making the Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company, and to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals. SEE Telecom makes a clear statement of this commitment to our stakeholders and the general public.