Radio Coverage of 48 Road Tunnels in Norway awarded to SEE Telecom and TC Connect


In the context of modernization of the radio coverage of the road tunnels in Norway, 48 road tunnels of the Hordaland county have been awarded to TC Connect with SEE Telecom systems.

It consists of the replacement or the installation of a system of FM and DAB rebroadcasting.

The installation will be done during Q1 and Q2 of 2016.

This success crowns years of reliable and faithful cooperation between SEE Telecom and TC Connect in the Scandinavian market.

SEE Telecom dans “Le Top des Entreprises du Brabant-Wallon 2015”


Bien implantée dans la vie économique en Brabant-Wallon depuis 1972, SEE Telecom fait l’objet d’un article dans l’édition 2015 “Le Top des Entreprises du Brabant-Wallon” du journal belge Le Soir.

Région économique parmi les plus florissantes d’Europe, la province du Brabant wallon évoque le dynamisme, l’innovation et la qualité qui séduisent les investisseurs belges et étrangers à un jet de pierre de Bruxelles, la capitale européenne.

Outre le fait d’être ce pôle économique attractif, la jeune province bénéficie d’un cadre de vie agréable et verdoyant qui, grâce à un aménagement harmonieux du territoire, combine les atouts de la ville et de la campagne. Les possibilités sont variées en termes d’enseignement dans les nombreuses écoles de la province, et le Brabant wallon héberge notamment sur son territoire l’Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). Au-delà du rayonnement international de l’Université, cette potentialité de main-d’œuvre très qualifiée concourt directement au développement des parcs d’affaires et scientifiques en attirant nombre d’entreprises de pointe. Elle favorise ainsi la réussite de façon naturelle dans une grande diversité de secteurs.

La présence conjuguée de ces nombreux atouts que sont la qualité du tissu économique, la qualité de la formation et la qualité de vie font de la Province du Brabant wallon un lieu incontournable en Wallonie depuis 20 ans. Un lieu qui voit naître et qui accompagne de nombreuses success-stories entrepreneuriales jusqu’au top.

Tous ces atouts participent au succès présent et à venir de SEE Telecom.

Telenet chooses Belgian SEE Telecom as main coaxial connector supplier for their future Giga-network


SEE Telecom, has signed a multi-year frame agreement with Telenet for its Giga-network project. The SEElastic© connectors came out as the most cost-efficient, complete and future-proof solution.

With its investment project “De Grote Netwerf” Telenet will replace 150.000 amplifiers and 1,8 million other components such as taps and splitters. This will lead to the first Giga network of this scale, bringing Flanders on top of the list of regions with the best digital infrastructure in Europe. The unique SEElastic© connector will be an important link to connect all these equipment’s together. SEE Telecom offers a total solution of appropriate tooling, training and SEElastic© connectors which will allow Telenet to install these in a faster way with guaranteed quality. SEE Telecom has always tried to create some additional local economic and social value and will for this project closely work together with the AXEDIS sheltered workshop.

Christophe Lebrun, CEO at SEE Telecom : “Our unique SEElastic solution has successfully been implemented in all major network upgrades of the last decade, and we are proud that we can continue work together with Telenet to build the network of the future. This agreement not only strengthens our position as strategic supplier of Telenet but is also fully in line with our strategy of becoming market leader in RF systems”.

Anne Falier, Managing Director at AXEDIS: “It is a pleasure to be working with such innovative partners as SEE Telecom and Telenet. We have a department fully dedicated to mechanical and electrical assembly that’s growing every year. This new collaboration is a great step forward for our team.”

About Telenet

Telenet is a leading provider of media and telecommunication services. Its business comprises the provision of cable television, high speed internet and fixed and mobile telephony services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels. In addition, Telenet offers services to business customers across Belgium under the brand Telenet for Business. Telenet is listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TNET.

About SEE Telecom

SEE Telecom is a best-in-class supplier of innovative technologies and solutions for communications providers around the globe. SEE Telecom’s vision is to become a global leader in radiofrequency systems within the next 10 years. SEE Telecom is based in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium, and is part of the Kabelwerk Eupen Group.

The radio coverage of a road tunnel in Saadiyat Island at Abu Dhabi, UAE, is awarded to SEE Telecom


The radio coverage of a road tunnel in Saadiyat Island at Abu Dhabi, UAE, is awarded to SEE Telecom and its local partner.

The features are the following :

  • The tunnel is a 998 meters one tube with 7 Entry/Exit point of different lengths.
  • Width is 11 to 12 meters
  • Broadcasting requirement is 8 channel TETRA for Police

This project is in the scope of the prestigious process of development of Saadiyat Island, and proves that SEE Telecom is able to manage such projects with its reliable and fair local partners.

The process we followed included :

  • Site survey by an engineer from SEE Telecom during 2 days
  • Architecture design in our facilities by radio coverage calculations and simulations, managed by experimented architecture solutions design engineers
  • Argumented proposal with calculations, simulations, features of devices, leaky cables, antennas and accessories

After manufacturing of the system and FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the equipments will be shipped, installed by our partner, and the SAT will be managed by a technician of SEE Telecom and some technicians from our partner.

By the way, we will fulfill our targets : the customer satisfaction and the security for the users of the tunnel.