SEE announces geolocation in its radio systems for confined areas with SYNTONY’s technology

Innovation is at the heart of SEE Telecom’s technology and business approach. Therefore, we constantly monitor market developments and listen to customers’ needs.

As part of the deployment of its SEE Smart® concept, a radically new and global architecture to distribute all types of critical communications in confined environments, SEE Telecom is now offering satellite geolocation solutions to its customers.

“We are convinced the Geolocation will dramatically increase the safety in all confined infrastructure, especially tunnels and metros. This global offer will accelerate the rollout of the SEE Smart® concept for the benefits of our customers.”, said Christophe Lebrun, CEO of SEE Telecom.

In a world first, SEE TELECOM combines its expertise in radio coverage with SYNTONY’s geolocation technology in a unique system topology based on a single radiant infrastructure for critical radiocommunication and GNSS satellite signal (GPS, GALILEO or BEIDOU) to enhance the maintenance service level and monitoring capabilities.

Thanks to the GNSS signal delivered being compatible with all receivers on the market, all public or professional applications requiring geolocation will work everywhere, including tunnels, mines, underground stations and parkings or any other confined area, where this was totally impossible without SYNTONY’s solution.

This new architecture will offer a best-in-class solution for the installation, configuration and operations. Thus, the monitoring, upgrades and scalability will be much easier and affordable.

“This announcement confirms the perfect integration of our solutions with the existing professional radio and public telecommunications systems, as experienced in subways since 2016.”, expressed Joël Korsakissok, CEO of SYNTONY.