Radiocommunication system for Al-Nasr oil field

SEE TELECOM and ABB signed a contract in June 2018 for the optical radio communication distribution system to be installed in the offshore project The Nasr / Al-Nasr oil field, which is located approximately 130km northwest of Abu Dhabi City in UAE.

The field is operated by the ADMA (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co); its capacity allows to add 300,000 barrels to Abu Dhabi’s overall oil production daily.

To ensure the internal and external communication and security, the fully integrated telecommunication system is designed to allow coverage of:

  • 1 UHF one-way pager carrier
  • 1 UHF 1, 2 or 4 carriers TETRA network

SEE Telecom and ABB will be responsible for the complete management of the radio coverage. All the installations are taking place while the platforms are in operation.

Telenet upgrades its network in cooperation with SEE Telecom and Vector Technologies

Telenet is upgrading its Hybrid Fiber-Coax (HFC) network with VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES’ optical nodes (BOOSTRAL). This Belgian operator is ready to move towards the highest broadband speeds, which will allow it to provide a diverse mix of services. The optical nodes delivered by VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES are compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1® specification. Relative to the previous version, DOCSIS 3.1 enables up to a 50% increase in capacity and speed: downstream bandwidths up to 10 Gbit /s and upstream throughput up to 1–2 Gbit /s.

“Transforming towards the highest broadband speeds and providing improved end-user service is a key strategic assumption for Telenet. We follow our customers in their evolution along convergence and connectivity to deliver gigabit services anywhere and anytime”, explained Bart Acke, Director Access & Capacity, Telenet. “To meet the increasing demand for capacity, we need a reliable business partner with an individual approach. The implementation of VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES’ 1.2 GHz solutions will bring significant value to our network upgrade in terms of quality and maintenance. We hope to continue to roll out new services with the help of VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES shortly”.

“We are delighted to become a Telenet partner and are excited about our first large-scale project in Belgium. Multiple System Operators are dependent on optimizing current systems and finding innovative ways to reduce operational costs while maintaining network quality and accelerating network transformation at reasonable investment levels. VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES combines field-proven experience in DOCSIS 3.1 network upgrades and recognized expertise in the area of fixed access networks. Together with Telenet, we have defined a technological development path that is tailored to their business strategy. As a result, the limitations of yesterday’s services will transform into the cable network of the future”, said Mateusz Sulikowski, Chief Commercial Officer at VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES.

The project is supported by Belgian technology partner SEE Telecom, which has vast experience in the RF and optical business. Cooperation between both vendors has resulted in delivering a quick response to the current challenges that Telenet faces.