SEE Telecom and Koning & Hartman are developing a specific repeater for the C2000 network

The C2000 network is the national public safety communication network. In building complexes, where users of the C2000 network are located, it is crucial that communication works 24/7. The lack of the required indoor coverage can lead to undesirable and sometimes dangerous situations.

C2000 sets very specific connection requirements for C2000 equipment for the so-called Special Coverage Locations (SCL). Because a standard TETRA repeater does not meet these specific requirements, Koning & Hartman, in close cooperation with SEE Telecom, has developed a C2000 repeater that does meet this requirement.

This C2000 repeater is very cost efficient and equipped with all technical specifications that you can expect from a repeater. The repeater has been developed for locations where the C2000 range needs to be increased. This powerful solution ensures that the C2000 signal is supplied without any problems to the antenna system installed in the building. The repeater is also fully controllable from a distance, for example from the Remote Service Center of Koning & Hartman.