Radio Coverage System of Martwą Wisłą Road Tunnel in Gdańsk, Poland


On 24 April this year the installation was completed for the radio transmission system in the new Martwą Wisłą Road Tunnel in Gdańsk with 2 tubes and a length of 1420 meter. Radiopartners also supplied a small TETRA system.

The tunnel is now equipped with a TETRA repeater system that was delivered by RadioPartners, using components of leading companies such as See Telecom, EUPEN, Sepura and Simoco.

Due to the length of the tunnel and its location, at the bottom of the river, a number of technical solutions for increased reliability under all conditions were used. The radio signal is fed to the radiating cables radiating from both ends of the tunnel simultaneously.

The installation also supports communications for the Police, Ambulance Service and State Fire Service. Additionally a public radio frequency FM tuner, with automatic and manual transmission warning messages to the receivers of vehicles passing through the tunnel is transmitted.

Also an important supplemental radio system, designed for the daily operation of the tunnel has been installed. This is a small one channel trunked TETRA system, equipped with an interface to the telephone network and surveillance system.

The installation of the repeater has been positively received by the service and tested in practice during the exercise preceding the opening of the tunnel for vehicles.