SEE Telecom & AWEX Event


During the last edition of the Business Days of the AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export and Invest), a delegation of 22 Economical and Commercial Agents visited SEE TELECOM the 20th April 2016 during 2 hours.

The complete staff of the company was mobilized for a full explanation of our position in the market, our vision, our solutions and our needs for our development in all over the world.

It was a fantastic moment for exchanges between the Economical and Commercial Agents of the AWEX and the Sales Managers to make some contacts and to discuss about opportunities.

SEE TELECOM’s quality honored by KATHREIN Sachsen Gmbh


Based on their quality and environmental management system, our customer KATHREIN Sachsen Gmbh has evaluated SEE TELECOM’s performance in the period between January 1 and December 31, 2015 with respect to certain criteria and summarized in a vendor evaluation.

  • Delivery Capability : 58,37 / 60
  • Quality and Environmental Management : 40 / 40
  • Total Score : 98,37 / 100
  • Rating : Class A Vendor

For KATHREIN’s criteria : “Class A vendors are our preferred partners for new projects. They have already attained a high level of performance and have been working on maintaining and improving the same.”

SEE TELECOM’s collaborators are very proud of this recognition, that honors the engagement in the daily work with the double target of quality and customer satisfaction.

Renewal of Northern Ring Road (BPNL) of Lyon, France, awarded to SEE TELECOM and SYSOCO

SEE TELECOM and SYSOCO signed in consortium with the company SATELEC a contract for the renewal of the radio system northern ring road of Lyon (BPNL). The signing took place March 31, 2016 in Lyon, in the premises of SATELEC, before David CAESTECKER (Works Manager at SATELEC), Christophe LEBRUN (CEO of SEE TELECOM) and Pierre DE QUILLACQ (CEO of SYSOCO).

As part of the security development work from the work of 10 km long, including 6 km of tunnels, SEE Telecom and SYSOCO will be responsible for the complete management of the radio coverage renewal project that includes:

  • the establishment of a new TETRA infrastructure for operating radio network provided by SYSOCO
  • building a trunked radio system coverage within 6 km of tunnels, with the operating TETRA network, the public safety TETRAPOL network INPT, 16 FM channels with emergency messages insertion, provided by SEE TELECOM

All radio networks will be transmitted in the tunnels via a new radiating cable provided by KABELWERK EUPEN AG.

The work will take place during the total closure of the book between July 15 and August 15, 2016.

SEE TELECOM et SYSOCO ont signé en groupement avec la société SATELEC un contrat pour le renouvellement du système radio du Boulevard Périphérique Nord de Lyon (BPNL). Cette signature a eu lieu le 31 mars 2016 à Lyon, dans les locaux de SATELEC, en présence de David CAESTECKER (Directeur de Travaux chez SATELEC), Christophe LEBRUN (CEO de SEE TELECOM) et Pierre DE QUILLACQ (PDG de SYSOCO).

Dans le cadre des travaux de mise en sécurité de l’ouvrage de 10 km de long dont 6 km de tunnels, SEE TELECOM et SYSOCO seront en charge de la gestion complète du projet de renouvellement de la couverture radio qui comprend :

  • la mise en place d’une nouvelle infrastructure TETRA pour le réseau radio d’exploitation, fournie par SYSOCO
  • la construction d’un système de couverture radio mutualisé dans les 6 km de tunnels, avec le réseau TETRA d’exploitation, le réseau TETRAPOL de sécurité civile INPT, 16 canaux FM avec insertion de messages d’urgence, fourni par SEE TELECOM

Tous les réseaux radio seront transmis dans les tunnels via un nouveau câble rayonnant fourni par KABELWERK EUPEN AG.

Les travaux auront lieu lors de la fermeture totale de l’ouvrage entre le 15 juillet et le 15 août 2016.